Why Self Employment is a “Must” for Yoga Teachers
by Lucas Rockwood

Whether they know it or not, every yoga teacher essentially works for themselves.

A few years back, some colleagues of mine worked at a flashy yoga studio with thousands of members, 65 staff, and more media coverage than you can imagine. It seemed like the most stable place to be employed until one day, the teachers and students showed up to class only to find the doors locked.

The night before, the owners had closed the business and ran off with whatever cash was in the bank.

People assume yoga businesses are immune to the craziness of business in general—but that’s not true. There are studios that are owned by amazing humans, and then there are some that are run by bad people. Such is life.

Here’s why this story is important for you and your career…

When the doors to that studio closed, a number of those instructors stopped teaching yoga altogether. With no paycheck at the end of the month and no backup plan or other opportunities lined up, they gave up their dream jobs and did something else to make ends meet.

But there’s another side to that same coin.

One teacher I knew from that now-unemployed group bounced back quickly—really quickly. He had never seen himself as working “for” that flashy studio in the first place, he saw himself as working “at” that studio while building his own yoga business. When that job ended, he doubled down on his other gigs and quickly replaced his lost income and then some. The loss of that cushy job gave him the nudge he needed to truly treat his yoga career as his own business, and he nearly doubled his income the following year and never looked back.

As a yoga teacher, whether you’ve realized it or not, you’re always self-employed. No matter what, you work for yourself.

You want an opportunity? You have to create it yourself. That’s a lot of pressure, but it’s also exhilarating. It’s up to you to build up your own student base and mailing list. It’s up to you to create opportunities and events. And it’s up to you to get very clear on what exactly you’re trying to achieve with your yoga: personally, professionally, and yes, financially. You can do this…

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