Why Passionate Teachers Magnetize Money
by Lucas Rockwood

Are you as passionate about yoga as you were when you first began teaching?

There is nothing in this world as attractive as someone totally and completely absorbed in passion, and that’s why the most magnetic yoga teachers in the world are obsessively passionate about what they teach.

This is more than just love yoga. This is loving something specific about yoga, or a specific style of yoga, or even a specific teacher of yoga.

I’m one of those type A personalities, a mad researcher, and of the 87 or so extremely successful yoga teachers I’ve studied, over 95% of them are irrationally passionate about something.

  • Maybe it’s locking your knee in a Bikram class
  • Maybe it’s drinking warm milk with ghee before practice (I don’t recommend this btw)
  • Maybe it’s the idea that headstand reverses aging
  • Whatever it is you love about yoga – no matter how ridiculous, peculiar, or strange – chance are that it’s your greatest gift.

Remember this: People live dull lives that revolve around jobs they hate and ho-hum television shows. They come to yoga class looking for something new. They want to go upside down. They want to try funky breathing practices, and more than anything they want to be around someone who is just a little bit more connected to their internal drive than they are.

Say it out loud: P-A-S-S-I-O-N.

Can’t buy it, can’t fake it—you have to find it. Chances are you already have. But there’s also a good chance you haven’t gone as far as you could with it. Go nuts. Go deep. And just watch the doors of opportunity fly open…

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