The Death of the “Yoga Police”
by Lucas Rockwood

Yoga means different things to different people—and that’s great!

There is a growing group of online trolls, unofficially known as the “yoga police,” who claim that modern yoga is not true yoga, and that most people are doing it all wrong. Today, I’d like to set the record straight.

There is no one “right way” to teach yoga.

I know a guy in L.A. who blasts 80’s New Wave music to packed classes doing weird aerobic-esk yoga. I know a woman in New York City who teaches nothing but privates (about one-a-day) in people’s apartments and lives very comfortably.

I also have a client who teaches almost exclusively online through streaming classes and webinars.

“How” you teach is your teaching vehicle, and if you want to be a successful teacher, you’ve got to find one you love—and don’t concern yourself with what other people are doing. Rather than worrying about whether your classes are authentic or in accordance with some made-up rulebook, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are my students getting results?
  • Am I adding value to my community?
  • Is what I’m teaching true to who I am and my practice?

If you love it, your students will love it too, and now more than ever, you really can choose how and where you teach—on your own terms.

Do you need to make a course correction?

If you’re like many teachers, it’s easy to lose your path when teaching, falling into what others say you should be doing rather than what you know from personal experience feels right for you and your students. If you’re a little off course, try this simple exercise.

Imagine for a moment your ideal teaching situation… the class that you would be most-excited to teach. Never mind if you’re not qualified to teach it (yet) or not ready (yet).

Just imagine a class, a workshop, or a retreat that you would love to lead—something you could get totally fired up about.

Perhaps it’s a class of 8 in your living room on a Sunday morning. Maybe it’s a gym full of fitness buffs powering through a 1-hour Vinyasa class with dance music in the background. Or could it be a meditation retreat high up in the mountains with no one around?

All of these teaching scenarios can be very effective, but in order for you to be effective, you’ve got to figure out which is most true to you.

Questions or Comments?

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