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Just after I began practicing yoga, I took a class with Dharma Mittra in New York, and he somehow squeezed me into full king pigeon pose (rajakapotasana). I thought my chest was going to explode, but it didn’t, and in his shag carpeted studio that day, something in my practice shifted forever.

With consulting clients, I teach business the same way Dharma teaches yoga. We blast right past the basics and get into the advanced strategies from day one. Our work together is a sprint toward success which I define as teaching less, earning more, and having a bigger impact from your work than you ever thought possible.

Unlike most consultants, coaching is not my livelihood.

I coach because I love it, I believe it’s important, and because I’d like to help nurture more business-savvy yoga people in this world. Yoga is a $27 billion industry, and yet most teachers are struggling. I have no interest in playing small and building communities for big yoga brands to capitalize on. If you reach out with an interest to work together, I’ll assume you feel the same way. Yoga teachers are the heart and soul of this entire movement, and we deserve a seat at the head of the table.

My consulting client list is intentionally small and growing at a snail’s pace. I’m looking only for highly-motivated people who are eager to transform not just their own life, but their local communities and perhaps even the yoga market itself. If my approach resonates with you, I’d love to learn more about your goals and objectives. Let’s double it…

My Business Credentials

  • I own and operate three yoga businesses in three different countries
  • I’m the largest manufacturer and retailer of yoga inversion slings in the world (check out the Yoga Trapeze)
  • I’m the largest manufacturer of yoga nutritional products in the world (GNC tried to knock me off and failed)
  • I intentionally waited until I had a multiple 7-figures business before I ever took on a single coaching or consulting client
  • I’ve produced three yoga instructional video series, three health books (including one I sold to HayHouse), a documentary film, and have developed over 12 at-home study courses
  • I have a “top 5” teacher training school with over 2,000 graduates worldwide and international acclaim
  • I happily employ 28 fulltime employees, and 14 contracted teacher trainers
  • I own and operate two profitable, local yoga studios
  • I am a college dropout
  • I started out broke and in debt
  • I am a quintessential yoga bum

Consulting Options

YOGABODY Business School (most popular)

This is my rolling-admissions, virtual business school or yoga teachers, studio owners, and fitness professionals. You can’t learn business overnight, just like your yoga, it takes practice and commitment—and it’s much easier done in community. This group is designed to be affordable, strategic, and measurably effective on your bottom line.

In order to join the group, you must first apply and be accepted. The most basic requirement is that you are a teacher, studio or fitness business owner with a goal to 2x your business in the next 12 months, and then grow by at least 30% ever year thereafter. This is not the “Four Hour Workweek” or “Get Rich On the Internet.” This is about building real businesses with a huge impact and even legacy.

YB Business School is designed to be affordable, selective, and extremely strategic. We cover everything from direct marketing on Facebook to hiring/firing policies an operations. If accepted, your first month is free. That way, we get to see if you’re a good fit for our group, and you get to see if you’re ready to dive deep and explode your career.

  • 1st Month $0 (we try you, you try us)
  • Monthly Membership
    $495/month $299/month*
  • *charter members at $299/month available
    for a limited time only
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Private Consulting (virtual or in-person)

Virtual Programs

  • 12-Month “Setup to Profit” $3,350/month
  • 12-Week Turnaround 1-on-1 Coaching $8,395
  • 1 Month “Deep Dive” Coaching $3,495
  • 60-Min “Quick Fix” Consultation $599 (not currently available)

In-Person Coaching

  • At my office: $2,625/day + travel expenses
  • At your studio, home or office: $3,625/day + travel expenses
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