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ABOUT THE SHOW – Yoga Business, Teaching & Entrepreneurship. Join yoga teacher, trainer and serial entrepreneur, Lucas Rockwood, as he delivers both tactical and strategic plans for building a teaching business, retaining clients, and earning a great living doing what you love. If you’re a yoga teacher, trainer, or studio owner, this insider information straight from the horse’s mouth is invaluable. Each show compresses months worth of real-world experience into a 15-minute, actionable episode.

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Episode 01:
Where to Open a Studio

Mike is living in Boston but wants to open a studio in Thailand. What about Phuket? Bangkok? How do you choose the… Read More »

Episode 02:
Private Classes Are Too Cheap – What to Do

Brittany is teaching yoga in Lyon, France, and she’s working to build up here private yoga clientele. The problem?… Read More »

Episode 03:
How to Build Community After Class

Vidhi has a great studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. The teachers are happy, the students love it, the staff are satisfied-and… Read More »

Episode 04:
New Studio is Open – What to Focus on Now

Sadie just opened her first yoga studio, and she’s in charge of everything—yikes! What should she focus on?… Read More »

Episode 05:
How to Work On (not in) Your Business

Tiffany has a new studio and finds herself working “in” the business much more than “on” the business. This means the… Read More »

Episode 06:
Yoga Websites – What Platform to Use

Andy is a Yoga Teachers College trainees and also produces his own training courses in Vietnam. He is wanting to add a… Read More »

Episode 07:
Private Clients Not Showing Up for Class – What to Do

Sandra has a Yoga Trapeze semi-private studio with space for 10 students, but her clients often cancel last minute me… Read More »

Episode 08:
How to Teach the Spiritual Side of Yoga

Esther is a yoga teacher most-interested and most-focused on the spiritual aspects of yoga including breathing, chanting… Read More »

Episode 09:
Private Clients – Help with Retention

Nancy teaches Ayurveda-inspired, semi-private yoga classes in The Netherlands, and it’s going well—but she’s struggling… Read More »

Episode 10:
How to Promote Yourself on the Radio

Amanda has a yoga studio in Florida and has been invited to be a guest on a local radio show. She unsure what to talk… Read More »

Episode 11:
Intro Specials & Retention Problems

Patricia has a 3-year old studio. They have an easy time attracting clients, but they are struggling to retain them. What is… Read More »

Episode 12:
New Studio – How to Get Clients

Lana just opened her first yoga studio, and she’s looking for the most-effective ways to get new students in the door… Read More »

Episode 13:
Yoga Business Supporting Studio Tax Needs?

Rosanna is a long-time yoga teacher, students, and seeker, and her day job is in taxes… Read More »

Episode 14:
Is My Market Saturated?

Angela is a long-time coach and soon-to-be Yoga Trapeze instructor. She is considering lots of different business options… Read More »

Episode 15:
How to Specialize as a Teacher

Annette is a qualified yoga teacher in Western Australia. She is not interested in opening her own studio… Read More »

Episode 16:
Transition from Yoga Teacher to Entrepreneur

Donal is an established yoga teacher actively expanding his teaching and business skills… Read More »

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