Teaching Sells (aka How to Sell w/Out Selling Out)

OVERVIEW: The best sales technique ever is teaching, and you’re already good at that. Do what you do best, just do it in your marketing, and you’ll have huge success.

HOMEWORK: I want you to look at your website, your postcards (you have one, right?), your Facebook and Instagram pages. Whatever marketing messages you’re using now, change at least 1/2 of them to something educational. Teach, teach, teach. On Facebook, give tips and tutorials. On Instagram, share your best advice. In emails, send people your favorite recipes. This is so simple, so liberating, and you’re going to be blown away by how effective it is.

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As yoga students, we all recognize the importance of a good teacher and a supportive community—this is how you grow. In business, it’s exactly the same, but why do most teachers try to do it alone?

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