Off the Mat Marketing – 3 Things to Do Right Now

OVERVIEW: High tech does not always mean better when it comes to marketing, and results trump everything else. With that in mind, keep it simple and repeat what works.

HOMEWORK: This week you need to do three marketing activities. Each of them will cost next to nothing (just your time), and you’ve already shown that you’re committed to growing your business. So no excuses. Here we go…

#1. The Health Food Store Tour
Go to every health food store in town, and give everyone who works there a free class card and a postcard about your class offerings. Invite them to get in touch with you if they’d like to organize a free class for their team or their customers—no catch—and then see if there is anywhere you can leave flyers for your business.

NOTE: give first, then ask if you can leave your materials. This is crucial.

#2. Promotional Swap
Contact at least 10 local business that are complimentary to yours such as chiropractors, massage therapists, health foods stores, and restaurants. Here’s what you say: “My students often ask me for ________, and your business seems like a great place for me to refer my clients. Do you have any flyers or promotional materials I can give my students?”

When they say, “yes” (and they almost always do), you simply ask if they’d mind sharing your information with their clients. If they say no, don’t go back on your word—follow through. Most will say yes, and you’ll have free endorsements and promotions from local businesses.

#3. Free Class Mailbox Drop
This is exactly what it sounds. Get your free class business cards and your promotional postcards (the only 2 printed materials you need in yoga), and stick them in the mailboxes of residences within 2 miles of your teaching. I’ve gotten fined for this, so do respect the “no flyers” signs, but I’ve also gotten amazing results from this, even from people who live right next door.

NOTE: these strategies involved work and even some manual labor—but so what? They cost next to nothing and they work. Don’t make excuses. You’re a great teacher, you can help people with your teachings, so get out there and grow your business.

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