Episode 006: Yoga Websites – What Platform to Use

Andy is a Yoga Teachers College trainees and also produces his own

Episode 005: How to Work On (not in) Your Business

Tiffany has a new studio and finds herself working "in" the business much more than "on" the business

Episode 004: New Studio is Open – What to Focus on Now?

Sadie just opened her first yoga studio, and she's in charge of everything—yikes

Episode 003: How to Build Community After Class?

Vidhi has a great studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. The teachers are happy, the students

Episode 002: Private Classes Are Too Cheap

Brittany is teaching yoga in Lyon, France, and she's working to build up here private

Episode 001: Where to Open Your First Studio?

Mike is living in Boston but wants to open a studio in Thailand. What about Phuket? Bangkok? How do you choose the…