Episode 016 From Teacher to Entrepreneur

Donal is an established yoga teacher actively expanding his teaching and business skills.

Episode 015: How to Specialize

Annette is a qualified yoga teacher in Western Australia. She is not interested in...

Episode 014: Is the Yoga Market Saturated?

Angela is a long-time coach and soon-to-be Yoga Trapeze instructor.

Episode 013: Studio Tax Needs

Rosanna is a long-time yoga teacher, students, and seeker, and her day job is in taxes.

Episode 012: How to Get Clients

Lana just opened her first yoga studio, and she's looking for the most-effective ways...

Episode 011: Specials, Promos, Retention

Patricia has a 3-year old studio. They have an easy time attracting clients

Episode 010: Yoga Radio Promotion

Amanda has a yoga studio in Florida and has been invited to be a guest on


Nancy teaches Ayurveda-inspired, semi-private yoga classes in The Netherlands

Episode 008: How to Teach the Spiritual Side of Yoga

Esther is a yoga teacher most-interested and most-focused on the spiritual

Episode 007: Private Clients Not Showing Up for Class – What to Do?

Sandra has a Yoga Trapeze semi-private studio with space for 10 students